Imagine a place deep in the Amazon rainforest, untouched nature organic ecosystem where soils are rich of dark organic nutrients, a place untouched by chemicals and pollution, where the plants and animals are found in their pure, natural form, they will grow just as Mother Nature intended. In such a place, on the shore of the Amazon river, açai palm trees grow calmly and precisely and right from the palm we gain the fruit, the natural extract which is present across a wide range of products of AÇAICO.

acaico drink

It contains the most antioxidants of all known types of fruit, large amount of glycoproteins, proteins, fibre and essential omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. This is why Açai is considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

It was used by aboriginal tribes in the Amazonian jungle as an energy booster for hunting and also as an aphrodisiac. This high energy fruit also helped them to build a strong immune system, fight diseases, protect their hearts and keep them in a good mood.


Advantages of Açaico:

• The high content of antioxidants and fiber
• It is a source of energy for mental and physical stress and regenerate muscles
• Supports the immune system
• It cleanes the body and relieves it from the harmful substances
• Increases ability to concentrate

acai palm tree, this is how we pick acai up


What is Açaico?

It is a frozen mixture of miraculous açai fruit pulp enriched with guarana syrup. This fruity energy blend combines the nutritional benefits of the açai fruit with the known stimulant effects of guarana. This original Brazilian formula guarantees a balanced mix full of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 



Interesting facts about the acai berry:

• It contains the most antioxidants of all known species of fruit
• Just 26 grams of pure açai is enough to cover the daily recommended dose of antioxidants.
• Açai palm is slim and grows to a height of 15-25 m. Palma has up to 20 kg açai berries, twice a year.
• At present, 90% of the açai fruit is consumed in Brazil
• It also contains fiber, healthy fats and essential minerals and vitamins

The quality of our products is our top priority, therefore we want to reassure you, that all of our flavours are made by mixing Acaico with mango, strawberry or banana puree without using any artificial flavours or additives. By being scrupulous about the quality of our ingredients, we guarantee the top quality of our products so you can enjoy the great and real taste of the fruits.