Acaico Acaico Acaico


It all started as a regular holiday. Peter and Andre went to Brazil to explore a new piece of world and catch some waves. A regular guys trip. At a surf center in a small town Sao Miguel do Gostoso they ran into the owner of the surf center who introduced them to a healthy and delicious food açai. They felt absolutely amazing and energized after eating this superfood. 

Upon their return, they continued to tell all their friends about this amazing dish they had eaten, which raised their friends‘ curiosity. Peter and Andre then came to the conclusion that they had to find a way to bring açai into the homes of Europeans as well. After lots of talking and planning, they finally decided that they would start importing açai to Europe. Upon returning from their following Brazilian trip, they brought among their regular pieces of their baggage a full shipping container filled with frozen açai. They then got to work on creating their own recipe, and so came the birth of Açaico! 

Today Açaico has many fans across Europe and in 2014, they can look forward to a broadened porfolio of new Açaico products. We are continuously working on innovations because we want to bring the best possible cuisine on your table.